Why Some Vans Have No VAT: Explained

Buyer's Guide | 01/05/2024 12:42

We clarify why some used vans are exempt from Value Added Tax (VAT) and highlight the financial advantages for buyers, particularly those who are not VAT-registered. This exemption allows purchasers to avoid the standard 20% tax, resulting in substantial savings on their acquisitions.

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Is the Van HPI Checked? Here's What You Need to Know

Buyer's Guide | 26/03/2024 15:58, by Edward Hillier

Our commitment to selling only HPI-checked vans reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction and trust. We prioritise transparency and security in every sale, ensuring every van's history is thoroughly checked for finance, theft, and accidents. This protects you from potential legal and financial risks, highlighting our operation's integrity. Read on to learn more about HPI checked vehicles...

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Maximising Efficiency: Our 5 Top Van Storage Choices for Tradespeople

Businesses | 19/03/2024 11:30, by Edward Hillier

For tradespeople, an organised van is crucial for efficiency. This article presents five top van storage solutions to maximise space and streamline your workday. It covers adjustable shelving units for organising tools and materials, lockable multi-drawer units for secure storage of small items, overhead racks for utilising space near the van’s roof, door-mounted storage to conserve floor space, and foldable workbenches for stable on-site work surfaces. These solutions transform your van into a mobile workshop, enhancing productivity and professionalism by ensuring every tool and material has its designated spot. Perfect for tradespeople looking to optimise their van's functionality.

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Understanding the Financial Side: VAT, Deposits, and Monthly Payments in Van Financing

Van Finance | 19/03/2024 08:34, by Edward Hillier

This blog explains how a VAT-registered business can reclaim VAT on a financed commercial vehicle, the impact of the deposit on monthly payments, and how the total cost of financing includes the vehicle's purchase price, interest, and any additional fees. 

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Quality, Trust, Satisfaction: The Hampshire Vans Promise for Used Vans

Who We Are | 17/02/2024 10:27, by Edward Hillier

Hampshire Vans in Southampton offers a reliable buying experience for used vans. We focus on customer relationships, detailed information, and after-sales support. With WarrantyWise warranties, we ensure buyer's peace of mind. Featured are a 2018 Vauxhall Movano and a 2021 Citroen Berlingo, both fully serviced. Customer testimonials praise our trustworthy service. Open Monday to Saturday, we welcome potential buyers to find their perfect van.

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