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Explore our expert-approved van accessories at Hampshire Vans to upgrade your vehicle. For custom solutions for work or play, get in touch for special offers and tailored suggestions just for you.

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Van Accessories

Explore our recommended selection of quality van accessories to customise your vehicle for business or van conversion.

Expert-Approved: Every product we recommend is personally approved by Hampshire Vans.

Smart Security: Advanced security systems and locks to keep your van and its contents secure.

Cargo Area: Solutions to make your van more functional and accessible for your business or leisure needs.

Exclusive Deals: Access to special offers for our customers after van purchase with us.

Why Choose Hampshire Vans

At Hampsire Vans, our commitment to quality, personalised service, and expert advice sets us apart in helping you find the perfect solutions for your van needs. 

Quality Selection

Handpicked vehicles and van accessories, ensuring high quality and reliability for every customer that chooses us.

Personalised Service

Dedicated assistance and expert advice from our team to tailor van solutions to your unique business or leisure needs.

Expert Advice

Every van we sell, including the products we recommend, are personally approved by us, ensuring only the best for your van.

Convenient Financing

Flexible financing options available to help you get the van, with more flexibility to purchase van accessories you need!

After-Sales Support

With us, you'll receive continued support and assistance even after your purchase, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience.

Exclusive Deals

Access to special offers and discounts on accessories for our valued customers, adding extra value to your purchase.

Our Van Accessories Recommendations

We take care of our customers to ensure they get value. We supply our customers with quality used vans and offer recommended van accessories when needed. And because quality and our customers come first, every recommendation has been personally approved by the team.

So whether you're whether you're converting your van into a cosy campervan or looking for the perfect vehicle for your business fleet, our rigorous checks and recommended products will help you move forward. This ensures that you're not just getting a van - you're getting quality, reliability, and value.

Let Us Customise Your Van for You!

Interested in adding accessories to your van? Let us take care of everything for you! If you're looking to install roof racks, security locks, or other van accessories, we'll ensure your van is equipped to meet your needs to drive you forward. Contact us today to simplify your customisation process and make it easy for you!

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Security Locks For Your Van

We understand the importance of security for your valuable cargo. Some of our vans come with enhanced security and others don't. That's why we've partnered with Map Security, our top recommended supplier for van security solutions. With years of experience, Map Security offers a wide range of high-quality security locks, including deadlocks and slamlocks, designed to keep your van and its contents safe and secure.

Why Did We Partner With Map Security?

Just like us, Map Security prioritises customer satisfaction as they offer protection for van owners. They offer a variety of robust deadlocks and slamlocks for maximum security. Deadlocks provide manual control, great for owner drivers, while slamlocks automatically lock doors upon closure, ideal for multi-drop deliveries and high-value loads.

Plus, you can upgrade your front door security with the L4vans Reploc from Map Security. Designed to counter attacks on the OEM driver's door cylinder, the Reploc offers seamless integration with L4vans deadlocks and slamlocks, ensuring strong vehicle protection.


Improve your van's security with Map Security's deadlock systems. Offering reinforced lock casings and customisable configurations, their solutions provide numerous benefits to safeguard your vehicle against theft and intrusion.

Manual operation

Designed for manual operation, providing control over your vehicle's security. 

Custom configurations

Available in a variety of configurations to suit different applications and budgets.

 Maximum Security

Stronger security features include master keying and custom options. 


Secure your van with Map Security's slamlocks. Engineered for automatic locking upon closure, these solutions offer top-tier security. Integrated seamlessly with your van's locking systems, providing maximum protection on-the-go. Plus, with built-in escape mechanisms, they ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Auto Locks

Automatically lock the vehicle door upon closure, offering convenience and security.

Manufacturer Friendly

Integrated with the vehicle manufacturer's locking systems for maximum protection.

Safe & Compliant

Designed with escape mechanisms for compliance with safety regulations. 


Invest in the L4V Reploc from Map Security for your van security. Designed to protect against common vulnerabilities in the driver's door cylinder, this solution offers added peace of mind. With keyed alike options and compatibility with L4vans deadlocks and slamlocks, it ensures maximum vehicle protection.

Cylinder Protection

Protects against attacks on the driver's door cylinder, a common vulnerability for van owners.

Keyed Compatibility

Keyed alike options available for significantly added convenience and higher security with L4V.

Complete Compatibility

L4V Reploc is compatible with L4vans deadlocks and slamlocks for comprehensive vehicle protection.

Exclusive Offers For Van Accessories

As a valued Hampshire Vans customer, you can benefit from exclusive offers and discounts with Map Security. Simply ask us after your van purchase, and we'll help you secure your vehicle with top-quality security solutions from our trusted partner.

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Roof Racks

Grow your van's versatility with Rhino products recommended by Hampshire Vans. Designed to expand cargo capability and functionality, roof racks are the perfect solution for transporting equipment, gear, and more. Explore our recommendations now!

Rhino Products

Explore the official Rhino website to discover their extensive range of products. Learn about their roof racks for vans and locate a fitting centre near you for expert installation.

Van Demon

This supplier is one of the official Rhino stockists in the country, providing a wide range of Rhino products that are tailored to your van's make and model.

Rhino Roof Racks

Discover a vast selection of Rhino products, including reliable roof racks and essential accessories. From racks to accessories, it's your one-stop shop to find everything you need.

Rhino Racks

One of our top choice for roof racks. Find the perfect fit for your van by selecting its make and model to find the ideal fit. Enjoy great prices, no nonsense - just quality!

Build Your Van With Vankit UK

Explore the perfect match in van accessories to customise and optimise your van according to your specific needs with Vankit UK.

 For those in need of van racking kits, shelving solutions, false floor drawers, or storage systems, Vankit UK offers a comprehensive selection to cater to your requirements.

What's more, benefit from free UK mainland delivery on orders over £50*, quick lead times, and complimentary installation services for added convenience.

With their extensive range of high-quality products and our stamp of approval, Hampshire Vans proudly recommends Vankit UK as one of the premier destinations for all your van-related needs.

Always Driving You Forward

Looking for quality vans? Hampshire Vans offers a handpicked selection, meticulously inspected for reliability. Whether you're seeking financing or prefer to buy outright, our hassle-free options cater to your needs. Experience exceptional customer service and effortless part-exchange options with every purchase.

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